Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Hos. 1-2; Isa. 12:1-6; 17:1-14; 2 Chr. 28:16-25; 29:1-2; 2 Kgs. 15:30-31; 16:10-18; 17:1-4; 18:1-8


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Hosea Chapter One

  1. The Book of Hosea is a prophetic revelation “the word of the Lord which came”  (Hos. 1:1) intended for the northern kingdom of Israel (Hos. 4:1).
    1. The time frame is established by referencing four kings of Judah, and one king of Israel (Hos. 1:1).
    2. Uzziah (790-739BC) to Hezekiah (715BC-686BC) establishes a ministry of approximately 40-50 years.
    3. Hosea witnessed the captivity of Israel, called in the days of Jeroboam II, and prophesying throughout the final six unnamed kings.
  2. Hosea was called to prophetic ministry as a single man, and his first work-assignment was to marry a harlot (Hos. 1:2).
    1. He was to marry an אֵשֶׁת זְנוּנִים ’ēsheth zenuwniym and father וְיַלְדֵי זְנוּנִים yaldēy zenuwniym (Hos. 1:2a).
    2. This was to illustrate Israel’s harlotry in their forsaking of the Lord (Hos. 1:2b).
  3. Hosea obeyed the Lord and married Gomer “finished/complete”, the daughter of Diblaim “fig cakes” (Hos. 1:3a).
  4. Hosea and Gomer will give birth to three children, named by the Lord to teach a spiritual lesson to Israel (Hos. 1:3b-2:1).
    1. A son named Jezreel (v.4a), with spiritual lessons (vv.4b,5).
    2. A daughter named Lo-ruhamah (v.6a), with spiritual lessons (vv.6b,7).
    3. A son named Lo-ammi (vv.8,9a), with spiritual lessons (vv.9b-2:1).

Hosea Chapter Two

  1. The prophetic message of Hosea was that the Lord would reunite Judah & Israel into one people—His people (Hos. 1:10-2:1).
  2. The Lord states His case against adulterous Israel (Hos. 2:2-13).
  3. The Lord promises to take his faithless wife back, and to do so according to His absolute standards of holiness (Hos. 2:14-20).
  4. When the Lord restores the faithless wife, the nation will be securely restored in their land (Hos. 2:21-23).

Isaiah Chapter Twelve

  1. Just as Israel composed a song of thanksgiving after the Exodus (Ex. 15), a song of thanksgiving is composed for the restoration of Israel at the beginning of the Millennium (Isa. 12:1-6).
  2. It is a gospel song of salvation (v.2), intended for all the earth (vv.4,5), communicated by the inhabitants of Zion (v.6).

Isaiah Chapter Seventeen

  1. Isaiah’s מַשָּׂא massā’ oracle centers on Damascus (Isa. 17:1-14). Three other מַשָּׂא massā’ oracles (Isa. 13:1; 14:28; 15:1) will be detailed on Day 186. Six more מַשָּׂא massā’ oracles (Isa. 19:1; 21:1,11,13; 22:1; 23:1) will be detailed on Day 202. Isaiah’s final מַשָּׂא massā’ oracle (Isa. 30:6) will be detailed on Day 204.
  2. The Lord declares the end of the Aramean kingdom, and the end of their influence over the northern kingdom of Israel (Isa. 17:1–3).
  3. The judgment of Israel produces a regard for the Lord for the first time in ages (Isa. 17:4-11).
  4. Although all the nations are gathered against Israel, the Lord delivers Israel in the end (Isa. 17:12-14).

Second Chronicles Chapter Twenty-Eight

(Outline continues from Day 179)

  1. King Ahaz turned to Assyria for help against Aram, Edom, & Philistia (2nd Chr. 28:16-19).
    1. In 2nd Chronicles’ spiritual evaluation, Tiglath-Pileser’s actions were no true help to Ahaz (2nd Chr. 28:20-21).
    2. In 2nd Kings’ historical explanation, Tiglath-Pileser’s actions brought Ahaz to Damascus where he learned the idolatry of the Arameans (2nd Chr. 28:22-27; 2nd Kgs. 16:10-18).

Second Kings Chapter Sixteen

  1. Ahaz becomes so impressed with Tiglath-Pileser’s pagan altar that he orders a replica to be built in Jerusalem, and defiles the temple of Solomon (2nd Kgs. 16:10-20).

Second Kings Chapter Seventeen

  1. The nine year reign of Hoshea, the last king of Israel is described (2nd Kgs. 17:1-6).

(Chapter Seventeen continues on TTB Day 184)

Second Kings Chapter Eighteen

  1. The twenty-five year reign of Hezekiah, king of Judah is introduced (2nd Kgs. 18:1-6).

(Chapter Eighteen continues on TTB Day 184)