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Today’s reading is: 2 Kgs. 1; 3; 8:16-22; 1 Kgs. 22:41-50; 2 Chr. 20:31-37; 21:1-7


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1st Kings Chapter Twenty-Two

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. The reign of Jehoshaphat is then detailed (1st Kgs. 22:41-50).
    1. Jehoshaphat was a good king, like his father Asa (v.43a).
    2. He fell short of maximum fruit by failing to have the high places removed (v.43b).
    3. He also fell short of maximum fruit by forming an alliance with wicked king Ahab (v.44).
    4. He expelled the remainder of the sodomites that Asa had started to expel (v.46; cf. 15:12).
    5. He also attempted a shipping venture to exploit the lack of leadership within Edom (vv.48,49).

2nd Chronicles Chapter Twenty 

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. Jehoshaphat’s life is summarized (2nd Chr. 20:31-34; 1st Kgs. 22:41-46).
  2. Jehoshaphat’s life and reign ended with another attempt to cooperate with the idolatrous Kingdom of Israel (2nd Chr. 20:35-37; 1st Kgs. 22:47-50).

2nd Chronicles Chapter Twenty-One 

  1. Chapter 21 begins a 3 chapter passage on the evil of Athalia.
    1. Through her husband Jehoram (ch.21). 
    2. Through her son Ahaziah (ch.22).
    3. In her own reign (ch.23).
  2. Jehoram was an evil king, who followed after the example of his father-in-law Ahab (2nd Chr. 21:1-7).
    1. The murder of his brothers was more than a pagan approach to securing his own position—it was a direct attack on the Seed of the Woman.
    2. The Lord’s faithfulness to David is unconditional, and is not thwarted by Jehoram’s evil (2nd Chr. 21:7).

(Chapter Twenty-One continues tomorrow)

2nd Kings Chapter One

  1. Ahaziah’s reign included the rebellion of Moab (2nd Kgs. 1:1), and a terminal illness (2nd Kgs. 1:2a).
  2. Ahaziah decides to inquire of Baal-zebub for guidance, but the LORD sends Elijah to intercept those messengers (2nd Kgs. 1:2b-4).
  3. Ahaziah becomes angry at Elijah’s interference, and dispatches three companies of fifty soldiers to secure his arrest (2nd Kgs. 1:5-16).
    1. The first two companies are consumed by fire from heaven (vv.9-12), but the third Captain is a God-fearing believer (vv.13-14).
    2. The God-fearing Captain serves his Baal-zebub-fearing King, and yet humbles himself before the minister of the Lord.

2nd Kings Chapter Three

  1. The reign of Jehoram, King of Israel, is introduced (2nd Kgs. 3:1-3).
  2. Jehoram decides to invade Moab, and do what his sick brother Ahaziah could not do (2nd Kgs. 3:4-6).
    1. Jehoram invited Jehoshaphat to join in the war (2nd Kgs. 3:7-8).
    2. They passed through Edom, and invited the King of Edom to join the war effort (2nd Kgs. 3:9a).
  3. The expedition runs into trouble, and Jehoshaphat suggests inquiring of the Lord (2nd Kgs. 3:9b-12).
  4. Elisha ministers to the three Kings because of the respect he has for the godly Davidic King Jehoshaphat (2nd Kgs. 3:13-20).
  5. The war was a qualified success, as Elisha’s message indicated (2nd Kgs. 3:21-25).
  6. Mesha’s Satanic defiance, and the demonic wrath of the Moabites caused the Israel/Judah/Edom alliance to quit the field of battle (2nd Kgs. 3:26-27).
  7. Mesha wrote his version of this battle on a monument known to us today as the Moabite Stone.

2nd Kings Chapter Eight

  1. Jehoram’s (Joram’s) reign is described (2nd Kgs. 8:16-24).
    1. Jehoram & Joram are variant spellings of the same name.
    2. Jehoram (Joram) of Israel was a son of Ahab & Jezebel.
    3. Jehoram (Joram) of Judah was a son of Jehoshaphat, and married to Athalia, the daughter of Ahab & Jezebel.
    4. Jehoram (Joram) was a coregent with his father Jehoshaphat for five years, and sole king for eight years (2nd Kgs. 8:17 cf. 1:17; 3:1).
    5. Jehoram was a wicked king, following Ahab rather than David (2nd Kgs. 8:18-19).
    6. During Jehoram’s reign, Edom successfully revolted (2nd Kgs. 18:20-22).
    7. Jehoram died “with no one’s regret” (2nd Chr. 21:20).

(Chapter Eight continues on Day 172)