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Today’s reading is: Ecc. 7:1-11:6


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Ecclesiastes Chapter Seven

  1. Solomon composes a proverbial psalm of human viewpoint thoughts concerning physical death (Eccl. 7:1-14).
  2. Human viewpoint makes a person think that they’ve seen it all (Ecc. 7:15a).
    1. Human viewpoint thinks that there’s really no profit to Godliness, and there are even rewards for wickedness (Eccl. 7:15b).
    2. Human viewpoint thinks that some kind of balance should be achieved between righteousness and wickedness (Eccl. 7:16-18).
  3. Wisdom is a needed in temporal life (Eccl. 7:19-23), but cannot be attained through human means (Eccl. 7:23-24).
    1. Wisdom turns to folly and madness when the believer no longer pleases God, but is ensnared by sin (Eccl. 7:25-26).
    2. Solomon speculates that one out of a thousand men & women might have such upright Godliness, but he hasn’t found that one yet (Eccl. 7:27-29; cf. Ps. 14:13).

Ecclesiastes Chapter Eight

  1. Human viewpoint finds meaning in patriotism and civic ethics (Eccl. 8:1-9).
  2. Human viewpoint minimizes morality, and prioritizes self-pleasure (Eccl. 8:10-15).
  3. Human viewpoint views God and His works as unknowable (Eccl. 8:16-17).

Ecclesiastes Chapter Nine

  1. Human viewpoint becomes fatalistic with respect to physical life, physical death, and eternal rewards (Eccl. 9:1-6).
  2. Human viewpoint emphasizes living physical life for the immediate pleasures of physical life (Eccl. 9:7-9).
  3. Human viewpoint becomes fatalistic with respect to time and chance (Eccl. 9:10-12).
  4. Human viewpoint is impressed by earthly wisdom (Eccl. 9:13-18; Jas. 3:15-16).

Ecclesiastes Chapter Ten

  1. Chapter ten consists of more human viewpoint proverbs.
  2. A little bit of foolishness outweighs a whole lot of wisdom (Eccl. 10:1).
  3. Human viewpoint attempts to substitute composure for love (Eccl. 10:4; cf. Prov. 10:12).
  4. Human viewpoint becomes cynical when it observes the inequities of life (Eccl. 10:5-7).
  5. Human viewpoint can see the difference between a good king and a bad king (Eccl. 10:16-17).
  6. Human viewpoint thinks money can solve all our problems (Eccl. 10:19).

Ecclesiastes Chapter Eleven

  1. The human viewpoint proverbs continue from chapter ten.
  2. Human viewpoint puts forth some practical business investment principles (Eccl. 11:1-6; Lk. 16:8).

(Chapter Eleven continues tomorrow)