Daily reading

Today’s reading is: Psa. 79-82


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Psalm Seventy-Nine

  1. Psalm 79 is a psalm of Asaph (Ps. 50,73-83).
  2. In Psalm 74 Asaph was concerned for the destruction of the temple.  In Psalm 79 Asaph laments the destruction of Jerusalem (Ps. 79:1). As with Psalm 74, and Psalm 22, this vision was ahead of its time.
  3. Asaph’s prophetic view looks ahead to the Tribulation of Israel, when all the nations (plural) are arrayed against Jerusalem.

Psalm Eighty

  1. Psalm 80 is a psalm of Asaph (Ps. 50,73-83) which centers on Godly repentance.
  2. The Tribes mentioned (Joseph, Benjamin, Ephraim & Manasseh) are all sons of Israel’s loved wife Rachel.
  3. Asaph calls upon God 3 times to restore Israel, and cause His face to shine upon them (Ps. 80:3,7,19).
  4. A believer’s tears under Divine discipline are the food & drink that the LORD feeds us to bring about our repentance (Ps. 80:5-7; 2nd Cor. 7:9-10).
  5. National revivals are led by men of God’s right hand (Ps. 80:17).  Ultimately the final revival of Israel will be led by the Man at God’s right hand, the LORD Jesus Christ.

Psalm Eighty-One

  1. Psalm 81 is a psalm of Asaph, but its subject matter is fitting for the returnees who restored the LORD’s worship with the Feast of Trumpets (Ezr. 3:1-7).
  2. The LORD redeemed Israel from Egypt, proved them through the wilderness, and established them in their land (Ps. 81:6-10).
  3. Israel’s stubborn heart produced their own Divine discipline (Ps. 81:11-12).
  4. Israel’s restoration will be a time of Gentile pretended obedience (Ps. 81:13-16).

Psalm Eighty-Two

  1. Psalm 82 is a psalm of Asaph (Ps. 50,73-83) which centers on the angelic realm.
  2. Delegated judges in both the angelic and human realms are representatives of the LORD’s judicial sovereignty (Ps. 82:1-2; Rom. 13:1-4).
  3. Judges ought to vindicate, do justice, rescue and deliver as reflections upon God’s own righteous judgments (Ps. 82:3-4 cf. Deut. 32:8; Job 1:6-7; Dan. 4:13,17,23; Zech. 1:10-11).
  4. “You are gods” is the declaration of judicial authority by God the Father to the sons of God (angels) that fell into darkness and failed in their judicial responsibilities (Ps. 82:5-8; Jn. 10:34). Ps. 82:8 should be connected to Isa. 14:21 and both passages placed in contrast with Heb. 1:14 & 2:5.