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Today’s reading is: 1 Chr. 29; 1 Kgs. 1


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1st Chronicles Chapter Twenty-Nine

  1. Chapter 29 begins with David’s farewell address to all Israel (1st Chr. 29:1-5).
    1. His final address was an appeal to complete the temple that he was not permitted to build.
    2. David led by example, personally donating a great fortune to the task.
  2. Notes on David’s attitude concerning the temple:
    1. The temple is not for man, but for the LORD God (1st Chr. 29:1).
    2. “With all my ability” does not mean that David worked by means of human effort.  It means that David worked as unto the LORD with 100% effort.
    3. David’s financial grace gifts were a reflection of the delight in his soul (1st Chr. 29:3).
  3. The people of Israel followed David’s example, and responded to his delight with their own (1st Chr. 29:6-9).
  4. David’s prayer of thanksgiving is one of the Bible’s clearest expressions of grace—freely received and freely given (1st Chr. 29:10-19).
  5. David leads Israel in one final worship service before his death (1st Chr. 29:20-22a).
  6. David oversees the ascension of Solomon (1st Chr. 29:22b-25).
  7. David’s life and reign are summarized at his physical death (1st Chr. 29:26-30).

1st Kings Chapter One

  1. David’s dying days were times of physical health testing (1st Kgs. 1:1-4).
    1. Abishag was provided for the King’s comfort and warmth.
    2. This “medical” prescription is historically attested by Josephus, and Galen.
  2. During David’s weakness, Adonijah used the opportunity to claim the throne for himself (1st Kgs. 1:5-10).
    1. He included Joab and Abiathar in his conspiracy (1st Kgs. 1:7).
    2. He excluded Zadok, Benaiah, Nathan, & David’s mighty men (1st Kgs. 1:8).
    3. He included the king’s sons (1st Kgs. 1:9), but excluded Solomon (1st Kgs. 1:10). 
  3. Nathan and Bathsheba agree to approach David, and obtain the succession for Solomon that David had promised (1st Kgs. 1:11-27).
  4. David first confirms his vow to Bathsheba (1st Kgs. 1:28-31).
  5. David then issues instructions to Zadok, Nathan, and Benaiah (1st Kgs. 1:32-37).
  6. Zadok, Nathan, & Benaiah followed David’s instructions, and anointed Solomon as King of Israel while David still lived (1st Kgs. 1:38-40).
  7. Adonijah’s party was notified of Solomon’s anointing, and grew quite fearful (1st Kgs. 1:41-53).