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Today’s reading is: 1 Chr. 23-25


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1st Chronicles Chapter Twenty-Three

  1. David crowned Solomon as reigning King during the final days of David’s life (1st Chr. 23:1; 1st Kgs. 1:1-40).
  2. David’s final act of sovereignty was to organize the priests and Levites for their upcoming temple service.
  3. The Levites were numbered from 30 years of age and upward (1st Chr. 23:3).  David revised the minimum age of service down to 20 years of age and upward (1st Chr. 23:24-27).
  4. David divided the Levites into temple workers, officers & judges, gatekeepers, and musicians (1st Chr. 23:4-5).
  5. The specific Levitical families are listed according to their clans (1st Chr. 23:6-23).
  6. The Levitical responsibilities are outlined (1st Chr. 23:28-32).

1st Chronicles Chapter Twenty-Four

  1. As he had done with the other Levitical clans (1st Chr. 23), David arranged the Aaronic priesthood into an organized structure (1st Chr. 24).
  2. The Tribe of Levi, Clan of Kohath, House of Amram, Family of Aaron was divided into 24 divisions in two primary lines (1st Chr. 24:1-6).
    1. The Line of Eleazar (16 divisions).  Zadok assisted David in the division of the Line of Eleazar.
    2. The Line of Ithamar (8 divisions).  Ahimelech assisted David in the division of the Line of Ithamar.
    3. Nadab & Abihu died without sons, and without any Levirate marriages to preserve their lines (v.2).
  3. The 24 divisions are outlined, and their sequence was determined by lot (1st Chr. 24:7-19).  Zechariah ministered in the temple during the appointed time of Abijah (1st Chr. 24:10; Luke 1:5-10).
  4. Additional organization was made concerning the Levites (1st Chr. 24:20-31).

1st Chronicles Chapter Twenty-Five

  1. David organized the Levitical musicians into twenty-four orders as well (1st Chr. 25:1-31).
  2. The sons of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun (Ethan) (1st Chr. 15:16-17) were the Levitical musicians for Israel (1st Chr. 25:1).
    1. These musicians provided appropriate worship before the LORD.
    2. These musicians delivered prophetic messages to the people.
  3. The four Asaph divisions, six Jeduthun divisions, and seventeen Heman divisions totaled 288 musicians under the direction of the King.
  4. Their order of service was also determined by lot (1st Chr. 25:8-31).