Daily reading

Today’s reading is: 2 Sam. 8:15-10:19; 1 Chr. 6:16-53; 18:14-19:19


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2nd Samuel Chapter Eight

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. David’s administration is then detailed (2nd Sam. 8:15-18).

2nd Samuel Chapter Nine

  1. David desired to show grace to the house of Saul because of his love for Jonathan.
    1. Military defeat produces widows and orphans within a land.
    2. These widows and orphans become the object of God’s kindness (Ex. 22:22-24; Isa. 1:16-17).
  2. Mephibosheth is the crippled son of Jonathan (2nd Sam. 4:4).
    1. In worldly terms, Mephibosheth is cursed by an unfortunate birth—the House of Saul would be a liability for him in the eyes of most oriental kings.
    2. Also in worldly terms, Mephibosheth is physically incapable of delivering himself from his condition.
    3. Mephibosheth becomes a great picture of grace, in that David expresses grace provision for him, and brings him into his own household.
  3. Ziba’s work-assignment is to be a faithful steward of Mephibosheth’s estate (2nd Sam. 9:9-13).

2nd Samuel Chapter Ten

  1. David desired to show grace to the house of Nahash because of a similar show of grace by Nahash (2nd Sam. 10:1,2).
    1. Nahash נָחָשׁ nāchāsh #5176: serpent (same as #5175).
    2. Hanun.  חָנוּן chānuwn #2586: gracious (from חָנַן chānan #2603).
  2. David’s servants were mistreated because of the hatred that Hanun had for their lord (2nd Sam. 10:3,4; John 15:18-21).
  3. David was compassionate towards his servants as he understood their suffering and shame (2nd Sam. 10:5; Heb. 2:17-18; 4:15).
  4. David delegated the punitive strike against Ammon to his military commanders Joab & Abishai (2nd Sam. 10:6-14).
  5. David personally led the defensive war against the Amorite invasion (2nd Sam. 10:15-19).

1st Chronicles Chapter Eighteen

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. David ruled with righteousness and justice because he served the LORD with all his heart (1st Chr. 18:14).  This becomes the standard by which all subsequent kings of Judah are judged (1st Kgs. 11:4,6; 15:3,5,11).

1st Chronicles Chapter Nineteen

  1. Chapter 19 describes the Ammonite-Aramean war (1st Chr. 19:1-19; 2nd Sam. 10:1-19).
  2. Hanun insults David’s messengers, and the Ammonites prepare for war (1st Chr. 19:1-7).
  3. David delegated the punitive strike to Joab & Abishai (1st Chr. 19:8-15).
  4. David personally led the defense of Israel against the subsequent Aramean invasion (1st Chr. 19:16-19).