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Today’s reading is: 1 Sam. 23:13-25:44; Psa. 54


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1st Samuel Chapter Twenty-Three

(Outline continues from yesterday)

  1. David & his men then flee to the wilderness, and rely upon the Lord to keep his movements hidden from Saul’s daily search (1st Sam. 23:13,14).
  2. Jonathan has no problem finding David, and together they enjoy their final spiritual fellowship in their physical life (1st Sam. 23:15-18).
  3. The Ziphites sell out David’s location to Saul (1st Sam. 23:19-24a).
  4. The Lord utilizes circumstances in Saul’s kingship to deliver David from Saul’s hand (1st Sam. 23:24b-29).

1st Samuel Chapter Twenty-Four

  1. Saul finishes with pursuing the Philistines, and returned his attention to hunting David (1st Sam. 24:1).
  2. Saul needs to “cover his feet” and unknowingly picks the cave in which David & his men are hiding (1st Sam. 24:3).
  3. David’s men are convinced that God was arranging circumstances to fulfill prophecy (1st Sam. 24:4a).
    1. Such a direct prophecy is not revealed in Scripture.
    2. God’s promise to David before Keilah was to deliver the Philistines into his hand (1st Sam. 23:4).
    3. Jonathan had promised David that David would be the next king, but only stated that Saul’s hand would not be successful against David.  He made no mention of David’s hand against Saul (1st Sam. 23:17).
  4. David responds to the urging of his men, but not in a violent manner against Saul (1st Sam. 24:4b). Cutting off the edge of Saul’s robe is interesting as a remembrance of Samuel’s rebuke (1st Sam. 15:27,28).
  5. Although David clipped off Saul’s robe as proof of his innocence, David’s conscience was burdened because of what he had done against Saul (1st Sam. 24:5).
  6. David’s conscience does not allow him to stretch out his hand against the Lord’s anointed (1st Sam. 24:6,12; 26:9,11,16; 2nd Sam. 1:14,16; Rom. 14:5,22,23).
    1. מָשִׁיחַ māshiyach #4899: anointed one, Messiah.
    2. Χριστός christos #5547: anointed one, Christ, Messiah.
  7. David followed Saul out of the cave, and gave himself up to the mercy of the Lord (1st Sam. 24:8-15).
  8. Saul’s response was of grief and sorrow for what he had done against David, and the unrighteousness of his activity (1st Sam. 24:16-21).
  9. David agrees to Saul’s vow, but chose to remain in En-Gedi rather than return to court at Gibeah (1st Sam. 24:22).

1st Samuel Chapter Twenty-Five

  1. The death of Samuel is marked by national mourning, but David is excluded from such activity (1st Sam. 25:1).
  2. Even as Samuel is leaving the scene, the Bible introduces us to another character—Nabal the fool (1st Sam. 25:2,3,25).
    1. נָבָל nābāl #5036: foolish; #5037: Nabal.
    2. Nabal is described as “very great” גָּדוֹל מְאֹד gādowl me’od.
    3. This greatness is limited to temporal-life wealth.
  3. David & his men enjoy a beneficial relationship with the shepherds of Nabal (1st Sam. 25:7,8,15,16,21).
  4. David informs Nabal of an opportunity to express grace, and invites him to redeem that opportunity for Nabal’s own benefit (1st Sam. 25:5-8).
  5. Nabal rejects David’s emissaries, and sends them away with tremendous scorn (1st Sam. 25:9-12).
  6. David responds to the insult with carnal anger, and intends to take his own vengeance (1st Sam. 25:13,21,22).
  7. Nabal’s servants are not fools, however, and they take the matter to Abigail (1st Sam. 25:14-20).
  8. Abigail’s gentle answer turns away the wrath of David, and serves to keep him from a great evil (1st Sam. 25:23-31).
  9. David gives praise to God for overruling his near evil, and praises Abigail for being the Lord’s instrument of blessing (1st Sam. 25:32-35).
  10. Nabal’s enjoyment of the passing pleasures of this world comes to a sad conclusion (1st Sam. 25:36-38).
  11. David marries Abigail, as a second wife to Ahinoam of Jezreel (1st Sam. 25:39-42,43).
  12. The author of 1st Samuel informs us that King Saul has by this time annulled David’s marriage to Michal, and married her to another man (1st Sam. 25:44).

Psalm Fifty-Four

  1. Salvation is according to the integrity of God’s own name (Ps. 54:1a).
  2. Salvation is the outworking of God’s own power (Ps. 54:1b).
  3. A great memory verse—God is my helper (Ps. 54:4a).  הִנֵּה אֱלֹהִים עֹזֵר לִי hinneh ’elohiym ‘ozēr liy. עָזַר ‘āzar #5826: to help, support (1st Sam. 7:12; Job 9:13; Ps. 22:11; 37:40; 107:12; 118:7; Isa. 44:2; 49:8; 50:7,9; 63:5; Dan. 10:13).