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Today’s reading is: Era 3: Possessing the Promised Land. 1406-1050BC


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An introductory class to prepare for Day 085 through Day 103. Scriptures covered in this era include Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1st Samuel 1-7, Selections from 1st Chronicles.

Notes on the Temporal Markers in Joshua & Judges

  1. The Book of Joshua gives us several temporal markers in the repeated usage of “to this day.” See Josh. 4:9; 5:9; 6:25; 7:26x2; Josh. 8:28,29; 9:27; 13:13; 14:14; 15:63; 16:10. These references are a great opportunity to demonstrate Logos searches, visual filters, and passage lists.
    1. Canaanites living in Gezer (Josh. 16:10). Another limitation for the dating of this text’s composition—sometime prior to Pharaoh destroying the Canaanites at Gezer and giving the town to Solomon as a dowry (1st Kgs. 3:1; 9:16).
    2. Jebusites in Jerusalem to this day (Josh. 15:63; Jdg. 1:21). Demonstrates a limit for dating the composition of this text—sometime prior to David’s conquering of Jerusalem (2nd Sam. 5:6-10).
    3. Rahab’s lifetime (Josh. 6:25). This is the greatest limitation for the dating of this text’s composition—taking the face value of Rahab’s lifetime and not simply identifying Rahab’s descendants (e.g. Hos. 3:5).
  2. The Book of Judges also gives us several temporal markers.
    1. 7 “to this day” statements similar to the usages in Joshua (Jdg. 1:21,26; 6:24; 10:4; 15:19; 18:12; 19:30).
    2. The frequent timeframes for the various servitudes (Jdg. 3:8,14; 4:3; 6:1; 10:8; 13:1) and the various Judges (Jdg. 3:11,30; 5:31; 8:28; 9:22; 10:2,3; 12:7,9,11,14; 15:20; 16:31).
    3. 300 years since the occupation of Heshbon in the days of Jephthah (Jdg. 11:26).
  3. The Book of Ruth is specifically dated to the Period of the Judges (Ruth 1:1).
  4. Ron Rhodes’ 3rd Era can perhaps be best summed up by the various statements of “no king” (Jdg. 17:6; 18:1; 19:1; 21:25).