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Today’s reading is: Num. 32-33


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Numbers Chapter Thirty-Two

  1. The tribes of Reuben and Gad request a land-grant outside of the land of Canaan, east of the Jordan (Num. 32:1-5).
  2. Moses rebukes them for their request, and warns them to learn from the example of their parents’ failure (Num. 32:6-15).
  3. The elders of Reuben & Gad assure Moses that they are not evading the Conquest of Canaan, but that they would like to return to the trans-Jordan after the Conquest is complete (Num. 32:16-19).
  4. Moses agrees to their terms, and warns them against defrauding the Lord (Num. 32:20-32).
  5. Reuben, Gad, and ½ Manasseh establish their territories and cities east of the Jordan (Num. 32:33-42).
    1. Gad built eight cities (Num. 32:34-36).
    2. Reuben built six cities (Num. 32:37,38).
    3. Three clans of Manasseh established their possessions as well (Num. 32:39-42).

Numbers Chapter Thirty-Three

  1. Most of chapter 33 is a travelogue of Israel’s exodus and wilderness wanderings (Num. 33:1-49). This chapter is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the Faithlife Study Bible either with linked panels or with the multiple resources display.
  2. The conclusion to the chapter is the Lord’s solemn warning to utterly destroy the Canaanites (Num. 33:50-56).