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Today’s reading is: Num. 16-18


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Numbers Chapter Sixteen

  1. Chapter 16 deals with a Levitical and Reubenical rebellion against the authority of Moses & Aaron.
  2. The conspirators:
    1. Korah, a Levite in the division of Kohath.  The ringleader of the entire rebellion (Jude 11).
    2. Dathan & Abiram, sons of Eliab, son of Reuben.  The ringleaders of Reubenical cooperation with Korah’s Rebellion (Num. 26:9).
    3. On, son of Peleth, son of Reuben.  Not mentioned in subsequent references to this event.
    4. An additional congress of 250 princes of Israel (Num. 16:2).
  3. The rebellion is a rebellion against the Lord’s delegated authority (Num. 16:3).
    1. Korah’s argument was that all of Levi should have spiritual authority, not just the house of Aaron.
    2. Reuben’s argument was that Reuben should have temporal authority.
    3. The supporting congress was in favor of Korah’s party platform, as it was much more appealing than dying in the wilderness under Divine discipline.
  4. Moses establishes a test to demonstrate the Lord’s Sovereign choice between Korah & Aaron (Num. 16:4-7,16-19).
  5. Moses rebukes Korah for his attempt to usurp the Aaronic priesthood (Num. 16:8-11).
  6. Dathan and Abiram defied their summons, and asserted independence from Moses’ authority (Num. 16:12-15).
  7. The Lord tells Moses and Aaron to stand back, but they intercede for the nation of Israel (Num. 16:20-22).
  8. The Lord then warns Israel to get away from the dwellings of Korah, Dathan, & Abiram (Num. 16:23-34).
    1. Warning was issued so that those who feared God could choose to break their association with evil.
    2. Divine judgment came upon all who volitionally chose to identify with evil.
    3. Interestingly, the sons of Korah chose to forsake their carnal father, and humble themselves before their Heavenly Father (Num. 26:11). 
      1. The Sons of Korah will become a great body with tremendous fruit (Psa. 42,44-49,84,85,87,88). 
      2. The prophet Samuel was of this Levitical division (1st Chr. 6:33).
      3. Heman the singer (Samuel’s grandson) was in this Levitical division (1st Chr. 6:33-38; Psa. 88).
  9. Israel responded with fear to the expression of Divine wrath (Num. 16:34).
  10. The Lord also destroyed with fire the 250 princes who were bearing the incense (Num. 16:35).
  11. Eleazar was instructed to manufacture plating for the altar, in full view of all Israel as a warning (Num. 16:36-40).
  12. A follow up rebellion of grumbling occurred in protest of God’s judgment for Korah’s rebellion (Num. 16:41-50).

Numbers Chapter Seventeen

  1. Following the back-to-back rebellions and judgments, the Lord performed a miracle to assert Aaron’s preeminence as the Lord’s High Priest.
  2. Twelve rods were produced, each one labeled with the name of the leader for each tribe (Num. 17:2).
  3. Aaron’s name was inscribed upon the Levitical rod, as Aaron is given rulership over the entire tribe of Levi (Num. 17:3).
  4. The Lord demonstrated His Sovereign, gracious choice of Aaron with the visible sprouting, budding, blossoming, and ripe almond bearing of Aaron’s rod (Num. 17:4-11).
  5. The people responded with tremendous fear, that the Lord’s executioner was about to come upon them (Num. 17:12,13).

Numbers Chapter Eighteen

  1. After the rebellions of chapters 16&17, the Lord admonishes Aaron to his responsibility for the priests and Levites under his charge (Num. 18:1-7).
  2. The provisions and privileges of the Aaronic priesthood are reviewed (Num. 18:8-20).
  3. The provisions and privileges of the Levites are reviewed (Num. 18:21-24).
  4. Levi is admonished to tithe their tithe (Num. 18:25-32).