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Today’s reading is: Gen. 42:1-45:15


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Genesis Chapter Forty-Two

  1. Jacob (not as Israel) is preoccupied with his physical death, and sends his ten oldest sons to obtain Gentile provision from outside the land of promise (Gen. 42:1,2).
    1. He does not seek the Lord’s will.
    2. He won’t risk sending Benjamin (v.4).
  2. The ten brothers don’t recognize Zaphenath-paneah as the young Joseph they sold over 20 years ago (Gen. 42:3-8).
  3. Joseph recognizes the fulfillment of his childhood dreams (Gen. 42:9a; 37:5-11).
  4. Joseph interrogates his brothers (through an interpreter, v.23), and inquires about Jacob and Benjamin (Gen. 42:9b-13).
  5. Joseph proposes a test to prove that the brothers are not spies (Gen. 42:14-20).  In reality, he is desirous to see young Benjamin (vv.15,16,20; Gen. 43:7).
    1. He imprisons them all for three days to sweat it out, and think it over (vv.16,17).
    2. He keeps one brother as a hostage, and releases the rest to prove their innocence (vv.18-20).
  6. God the Father sovereignly designated the brothers’ memories to recall their evil against Joseph (vv.21-23).  This nearly brings about Joseph’s emotional breakdown (v.24a).
  7. Joseph keeps Simeon as his hostage, and sends the brothers back to Canaan (Gen. 42:24b-38).
    1. Joseph provided for their food, and secretly refunded the entire sum of money (vv.25‑28).
    2. The brothers’ reported to Jacob, and he responded with the human viewpoint of despair (vv.29‑36).
    3. Reuben’s offer is no comfort, and Jacob intensifies his depression (vv.37,38).

Genesis Chapter Forty-Three

  1. Jacob’s food supply is exhausted, and once again he must look to Egypt to provide (Gen. 43:1,2).
  2. Judah offers comfort and encouragement to Jacob by emphasizing life rather than death, and reminding Jacob of his responsibility to the grandchildren & great-grandchildren (Gen. 43:3-10).
  3. Jacob, as Israel, responds to the encouragement, and blesses the journey to Egypt (Gen. 43:11-15).
    1. He designates a gift to Zaphenath-paneah (vv.11,12).
    2. He allows Benjamin to go (v.13).
    3. He commends them to the compassion of El Shaddai (v.14).
  4. Joseph observes Benjamin with his brothers, and orders the brothers to his house for a noon meal (Gen. 43:16-25).
    1. The brothers are fearful that Zaphenath-paneah’s invitation has ulterior motives (v.18).
    2. Joseph’s house steward put their fears to rest (vv.19-25).
  5. Joseph greets his brothers (Gen. 43:26-34).
    1. He questions them concerning their father (vv.27,28).
    2. Joseph’s closer examination of Benjamin nearly brings about another emotional breakdown (vv.29‑31).
    3. They dine at separate (small) tables because of the Egyptians’ racial prejudice (v.32).
    4. The brothers are amazed when they realize that Joseph has seated them from Reuben to Benjamin in age-order (v.33).
    5. The brothers were relaxed by Zaphenath-paneah’s generosity, and Benjamin was especially blessed (v.34).

Genesis Chapter Forty-Four

  1. Joseph sends his brothers back to Canaan (Gen. 44:1-3).
    1. He again has each man’s money returned (v.1).
    2. He also has his silver cup planted in Benjamin’s sack (v.2).
  2. Joseph dispatches his house steward to arrest the brothers for stealing his silver cup (Gen. 44:3-13).
  3. Back in the house of Zaphenath-paneah, Judah takes the leadership, and pleads for the life of his brother Benjamin (Gen. 44:14-34).
    1. Judah expresses compassion for the sorrows of his father Jacob (vv.30,31).
    2. Judah accepts the responsibility he had previously taken (v.32; Gen. 43:9,10).
    3. Judah offers to bear the penalty as a substitute for Benjamin, sacrificing himself for the benefit of his father (vv.33,34).

Genesis Chapter Forty-Five

  1. Judah’s expression of sacrificial love was too much for Joseph, and he finally broke down in his emotions (Gen. 45:1-3).
    1. He ordered all Egyptian servants out of their presence (v.1).
    2. He wailed in his grief, and could not believe that his father was still alive (vv.2,3a).
    3. The brothers had no answer for him, as they were caught up into and by his emotional outburst (v.3b).
  2. Joseph pulls himself together, and draws his brothers near (Gen. 45:4-15).
    1. Joseph urges them to not dwell upon past failures, but to rejoice in God’s overruling will (vv.5-8).
    2. Joseph recommends a course of action for his brothers to follow (vv.9‑13).
    3. With all the secrets and deceptions past, Joseph and his brothers are able to have a true reunion and fellowship (vv.14,15).

(Chapter Forty-Five continues tomorrow)