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Today’s reading is: Gen. 36; 1 Chr. 1:35-2:2


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Genesis Chapter Thirty-Six

  1. The entire chapter is given over to a description of Jacob’s twin, Esau.
  2. Esau is renamed Edom, and his descendants become the nation of the Edomites.
  3. They are given land and an assortment of chiefs centuries before Israel will enjoy a kingdom in the land of promise (Gen. 36:31).
  4. There are some name similarities in this chapter with the book of Job.
    1. It is a mistake to place Job within an Edomite framework.  It is better to identify Job with the Jobab of Joktan’s line (Gen. 10:29), rather than the Jobab of Esau’s line (Gen. 36:33,34).
    2. Esau’s son Eliphaz had a son named Teman (Gen. 36:11), but he should not be identified with Eliphaz the Temanite who came to comfort Job (Job 2:11).
    3. Seir’s grandson Uz is sometimes thought to be the founder of the land of Uz (Job 1:1), but the better Uz is the son of Aram, and grandson of Shem (Gen. 10:23).