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“Era 1: Beginnings. The undated past to 1800 BC” in Rhodes, Ron. A Chronological Tour through the Bible. Eugene, OR: Harvest House, 2018.


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Notes on OT chronology

The Temple of Solomon was begun 965BC in the 480th year after the Exodus (1st Kgs. 6:1). 1445BC.

The time period for Israel in Egypt is said to be 400 years (Gen. 15:13,16; Acts 7:6), 430 years (Ex. 12:40; Gal. 3:16,17), and “about 450 years (Acts 13:17-20). All three of these numbers are wonderfully synchronized by Harold Hoehner in BibSac Vol. 126, No. 504 (1969).

Jacob was 130 years old when he was presented to Pharaoh in 1845BC (Gen. 47:9). That means Jacob was born in 1975BC, Isaac was born in 2035BC, and Abraham was born in 2135BC. Joseph was 91 years younger than Jacob, born in 1884BC. Joseph’s death at the age of 110 closes the Book of Genesis in 1774BC. Greek LXX figures are better than Hebrew MT figures for the Gen. 5, 11 towlēdoth. These figures indicate Abraham was born 1,132 years after the flood (3267BC synchronized to 2256AM), and pegging Adam’s creation (0AM) to 5523BC.

When we’re studying the Bible, we’re not studying Greek mythology. We’re not studying any mythology. We’re studying the revealed Word of God, what the Creator God of the universe has revealed to the human authors, those who put it into writing. We’re dealing with the real world, in real time. You know, we have 2022 on our calendar, and we can just count the years going back, and we can count the years before Christ, we can just keep going back. If we get to 5600 BC we’re reaching Adam, and this is consistent with the Biblical world view that all of us come from Adam. All of us are descendants of Adam and Eve, all of us are descendants of Noah and Mrs. Noah. Related to what the book of Genesis is providing for us. It’s not just spiritual wisdom for our spiritual lives, it’s actually reliable history, reliable records of what God has provided for us.

And if we take it any other way, then we’re taking it in a way that Jesus himself did not take it. Cause we have plenty of quotations from Jesus, of him quoting the Old Testament. You know what? He used a literal hermeneutic. He believed Adam and Eve were real people. He believed that there was a global flood that destroyed the Earth. And he spoke about the days of Noah. And he spoke about Adam and Eve. And he spoke about all these things from Genesis. If we want to go the world’s route and start believing that there is no God, he didn’t write the Bible, and all this other stuff that liberal theologians have done, there’s no point. We’re wasting our time. This is God’s written Word, and we’re going to handle it the way Jesus handled it, because he’s our example and that’s the pattern we have to follow.

Pastor Bob Bolender, TTB2022 Lesson 001